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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for portrait sessions?

Within three days we will post a sneak peek of some of your photos on our facebook page. If you do not have a facebook we will send you a link to a share site with your images. Your full session will be posted to your share site within two weeks of the session, and we will deliver or mail your products after you have made your final selections.!

Will you be shooting and editing the video yourselves?

Yes, we personally do videography and edit our own client’s events rather than outsourcing. In addition, we have employed experienced, professional videographers who may work along with us at your event,who have been vetted personally by Fis to ensure quality is maintained to the ClearSight  standard.

What type of equipment do you use?

We have the latest types of cameras. Depending on the type of product you choose with us we will use either the latest HD cameras or DLSRS for cinematography packages. This includes glide-tracks and Crane cameras. Remember, as well as the equipment, it’s also the person behind the equipment that matters and we guarantee wedding video filming in a league of it’s own!

How do you price your services?

Since we custom build your wedding video film we do not have standard prices but tailor them to the level of service which you select. Our pricing is very affordable and is largely contingent on three criteria. First, we determine the number of cameras necessary to shoot your wedding video. Secondly, we determine the amount of time we will spend with you on the day of your event. Lastly, we determine the effort required in post production editing that will be necessary to craft the finished wedding video.

What is the turnaround time for wedding packages?

Average delivery time is 5-12 weeks. This depends on what time of the year you are getting married.